Online Course Insider: Should I Market My Course On Facebook Groups?

Online Course Insider: Should I Market My Course On Facebook Groups?

Ask Online Course Insider Question From Online Instructor Elmira Strange

Hey Dennis,
Thought to ask your opinion. Basically, I was posting my coupons on various FB groups for awhile. I’ve just checked my Udemy revenue report and found that none of my coupons were bought by anyone (in the last 3 months!), and that all my revenue is down to Udemy organic sells (not mine!)
Feeling disappointed that my own marketing efforts haven’t been paid off.
Do you have any success with posting your coupons in FB groups?
Any advice you can give me so far? 😉
Thanks! 🙂

I run a mastermind group with other online instructors and decided to ask them for their feedback on Elmira’s question above. Here’s what they had to say and their suggestions for Elmira and other online course instructors. Make sure you watch the video for my thoughts and what I suggest.

Scott Duffy

In general, stop doing things that don’t work. This will free your time and energy so that you can do other things that can work.

Two things at play here. One, you need to dial into your ideal audience. If your ideal audience is “people wanting to learn piano”, you need to present your course to those people and not paste them to instructor groups. Two, you might be asking for too much trying to get the sale so quick. I recommend they look into content marketing, where they build up trust using a steady stream of free content before asking for the sale.

“Date, date, date, date, marry.” as Gary Vee might say.

Phil Ebiner

If they want to keep posting free coupons, find groups and websites in his/her niche. But also you have to develop your reputation in those groups before spamming with free coupons.

Ravinder Deol

I’ve been finding more and more success recently “indirectly marketing” via answering questions on Quora. It helps build your expertise in the area, and brand. You can then lead people to your courses. I feel it’s important you spend more time marketing to the correct set of people, not just general groups.

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